Foye Digital -Social Media Campaign

Campaign Name:Foye Against Girl & Boy Child Community and Home-based Violence
Geographical Area:Mbarara city, Western Uganda

The Foye Digital -Social Media Campaign is a project which is being run under the Foye Computer Skills Training Center which was officially opened in January 2020 with the main aim of equipping the Girl child, School drop outs and street kids with digital and computer skills.
The center is stocked with computers and besides the computer training we offer to the identified youth groups, we are using the technological equipment’s at the center to design posters, create adverts and video clips which we run on various social media platform as one way of advocating for the rights of Girl child, street kids and Women.

This Digital -Social media campaign has been very effective especially during this entire period of COVID 19 when public gatherings, community drives and sensitization campaigns have been limited due to social distance regulations.
Thanks to Technology that we have still managed to advocate, sensitize and reach out to various youth target groups through Social media channels and Virtual media tools.
Through this Program we are engaging with different categories of people especially the Teens, College and University students in all the higher institutions of learning within Western Uganda, educate them about their Human rights, causes of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and how they can avoid this growing practice by them becoming good agents of Change by sharing and spreading our online messages across various digital social media platforms in their networks of influence
Objectives of the Campaign:
  1. To identify and address underlying causes of home based and community violence against the Girl Child and Women.
  2. To identify Women and Girls who have experienced different forms of violence and how to support them.
  3. To advocate and raise online social media awareness and encourage all stake holders to take action in fighting against home based and community Violence.
  4. To train and educate women and girls on how to report different forms of Gender Based Violence like; Child marriage, Female genital mutilation, Trafficking for sex or slavery, Sexual, stalking, emotional or psychological violence, Physical punishment, Intimate partner violence, Honor killings.
  5. To train and educate women and girls on how to deal with online gender-based harassment, understand their rights to social media privacy, advocate against non-consensual posting of sexual material, threats, doxing, cyber harassment, and gender-based discriminatory memes and posts among other things.